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filling Station Issue 56

filling Station Publication Society

filling Station Issue 56


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filling Station's Issue 56 features poetry by Cara Evans, Ahimsa Timoteo Bodrhán, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Jesse Patrick Ferguson, Leah Murray, Joshua P'ng, Jamie Matechuk, Nathan Andrew Wilson, Hillary Kobernick, Anne Baldo, Sandra Ridley, Jessie Jones, Logan Fry, Benjamin Dugdale, and Kayla Altman; fiction by Tim Conley, Mathew Fasullo, Marnie Lamb, and Amanda Leduc; non-fiction by Nicole Oquendo, derek beaulieu, and Craig Visser; visual art by Melissa Peacock, Jaye Benoit, and Tim Fitts; as well as a mind-bending editorial statement communally constructed by the filling Station collective.

All filling Stations are available in a very limited print run, so order yours today!

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