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filling Station Issue 55

filling Station Publication Society

filling Station Issue 55

filling Station 55 is our Northern BC Issue, featuring written and visual work by some of the finest talent out of the north of British Columbia. Get it now!

filling Station's Issue 55 features fiction by Carly Stewart; a graphic narrative by Kara Sievewright; poetry by Gillian Wigmore, Jeremy Stewart, Norma Kerby, Seanah Roper, Al Remper, Solveig Adair, Ruth Hill, Derrick S. Denholm, Josh Massey, Marina Blokker, Justin Foster, and GP Lainsbury ;non-fiction by Justin Foster, Sheila Peters, and Sarah de Leeuw, and visual art by Summer Breeze and Perry Rath. All filling Stations are available in a very limited print run, so order yours today!


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