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filling Station Issue 48

filling Station Publication Society

filling Station Issue 48


Issue 48, published in 2010, includes excellent writing by Jill Battson, Guy R. Beining, Gregory Betts, Zachary Buck, Laura Close, Devon Code, Dennis Cooley, James Dangerous, Stephanie Lis Davis, Jim Johnstone, Kye Kocher, Beth Langford, Jun K. Lee, Paul Margach, David Martin, rob mclennan, Ian Orti, Helen Polychronakos, Shannon Rayne, Robyn Read, Mike Spry, and Jennifer Spruit, and art by Kelly Sutherland.  You may recognize some names as literary superstars, like much-published poets Gregory Betts, Dennis Cooley, or rob mclennan, or maybe Devon Code, a fiction writer who just won the Journey Prize.  Others will be less familiar because of filling Station’s dedication to both emerging writers and innovative work.  It's great alternative literature you won’t find anywhere else!

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