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filling Station Issue 47

filling Station Publication Society

filling Station Issue 47


Issue 47, published in 2009, beams down from planet Fluxus presenting our first ever Visual Poetry feature!  This is about as experimental as it gets - poets creating visual pieces for poetic effect, usually using letters. There's a lot more to it than that - grab a copy and find out for yourself!  Visual poets include Gary Barwin, Derek Beaulieu, Christian Bok, Eva Maria Gonzales, Satu Kaikkonen, Ian Kinney, Nicole Pakan, Rachelle Pinnow, Sandy Pool (currently nominated for a Governor General's award!) in collaboration with Blair Prentice, Allan Revich, John Moore Williams and Michael Yip.  If the the outer limits of experimentation aren't your favoured habitat, never fear - there's plenty of other great work in this issue that's a little more down-to-earth, including poetry by Kelly L Chouinard, Evie Christie, Sabrina Cost, Kim Goldberg, kate hargreaves, Jim Johnstone, David Martin, Andrew McEwan, and Lindsay Winters.  Fiction featured this issue is written by Chris Blais, Natalee Caple, Nicole Markotic, Mike Sauve, and X.I. Selene.  Add an interview by Jocelyn Grosse with Dany Laferriere, book reviews (one being a review of an imaginary title - hmm!), Paul Margach's literary album reviews column and beautiful, surreal artwork by Evelyn Kolijn, and you've got a filling Station only an alien could live without!

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